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Welcome to Meister & Associates

... a consulting firm specializing in project management and select marketing and communications services

Big or small, every project is important. And let's face it, you don't always have time to deal with the field, or you're traveling or you're short-staffed. You need someone who can take over -- write that screener, talk to that client, arrange facilities, supervise recruitment, review respondent summaries, monitor quotas, schedule code and tab.

This is a job for Meister & Associates!

Whether it's focus groups or mall intercept, Meister & Associates can manage your project from beginning to end. With over 30 years of market research experience, we've seen it all! We know the best facilities, we know which services to use when there's a tight deadline and we know who to call for those impossible projects that needed to be done yesterday.

What's our secret?

We're experienced, organized, efficient, people-friendly, good listeners, able to juggle multiple projects on command and, most importantly, smart enough to understand your project objectives and the best way to accomplish them.

And, it's those same skills that also make us effective in dealing with the community. Do you really want to know how people feel about your new proposal? Are the services you're providing the community worth the effort? Can you be doing more to strengthen the relationship with your customers?

The answer is, we're just a phone call (or email!) away...

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